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From: Mark Tugendlieb, Web2Mayhem Beta Tester

 Re: Web2Mayhem Secrets revealed by a Web2Mayhem Beta Tester

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

What if I told you that you can dominate the first 30+ Google results? You would probably think I'm exaggerating. And if I add that you can get there within weeks, you would probably think I have lost touch with reality. Oh you are so wrong ;-) Let me prove it to you!

I actually didn't make these claims up. The fact that YOU can rule the first 3 pages of the Google search results pages is the goal of the new Web2Mayhem SEO system.

Web2Mayhem is the latest creation from Jason Katzenback the founder of some of the best internet marketing tools and training such as PPC Kahuna and Traffic Kahuna. The focus of Web2Mayhem is to generate free traffic that converts using the latest SEO techniques in combination with the Web2Mayhem software and tools.

Usually I'm very sceptical when someone makes such a big claim; but as a paying member of PPC Kahuna and Traffic Kahuna I already knew the quality work of Jason Katzenback. So when I got the opportunity to participate in the Web2Mayhem beta test I was very thrilled.

What Exactly Is Web2Mayhem?

When I first heard of Web2Mayhem I had no clue what exactly it is. Is it a software? Is it a coaching program? Is a collection of tools? After the Beta test I know the answer. It's all of the above! Web2Mayhem is a SEO system that includes step-by-step training, the powerful Web2Mayhem software, and lots of tools that kick ass.

Intensive Training:
You will get professional training in using the Web2Mayhem system step by step. You’ll learn what it takes to dominate the first 30+ results in Google. Yes, it’s not about just getting the #1 position in Google. Web2Mayhem is about getting ALL search results on the first three pages on Google. In order to achieve this you will be following a 3-phase system.

It's fairly easy to follow the system since JK provides easy to follow flow-charts (my desk is covered with these flow-charts... Yes I've actually printed them out. Something I rarely do)

Web 2 Mayhem training

web2mayhem review

Flow Charts of the 3-Phase Web2Mayhem System
Extensive Training of the Web2Mayhem Software
Advanced SEO techniques
Post-3-Phase Maintenance Strategy
Syndicate Kahuna Training

In addition you'll get videos accompanied by each strategy guide and flow-chart where JK himself explains the Web2Mayhem strategy.

(For those of you who have seen the videos at PPC Kahuna know how well-made and helpful JK's videos are)

Web2Mayhem Automation Software:

This software is mind-blowing. It a
utomatically creates accounts on up to 100 of the best-ranking Web2 sites, Bookmarking sites, Blogs, Video sharing sites, RSS directories, and more. The system automatically sets up the accounts and fills out your profiles.

Besides creating your accounts it also manages your accounts which is necessary as you will soon have thousands of accounts. Once you have all your accounts setup (done in no time!), you will be using the following:

  • RSS Submitter: Submits your RSS feed to all major good-ranking RSS directories.
  • Video Sharer: Submit your video to all major video sharing sites and get quality backlinks and traffic  
  • Article Submitter: Submit your content to all major article directories.  
  • Social Bookmarker: Leave quality bookmarks with all major bookmarking sites.  
  • Blog Submitter: Easily manage and post to a large number of blogs  

"Duplicate Content is not an issue with Web2Mahyem"

Some of you might be worried about duplicate content - But no worries. You’ll get one of the best content spinning tools on the market with your Web2Mayhem system. With this tool, you can quickly create dozens of unique variations of your article. Web2Mayhem will randomly pick such a unique output when posting content. Everything that Web2Mayhem posts, from the profiles when creating accounts to submitting bookmarks or articles, all content will be unique.

Powerful Web2Mayhem Tools:
You are also getting free access to a variety of very powerful tools that many people are paying for separately month after month.

Syndicate Kahuna:
This system is designed as an easy, step-by-step interface for you to post your content into the Syndicate Kahuna blog network of over 10,000 niche specific blogs. Instead of having to surf to each blog and log in individually to make a post, you use the integrated interface to make your posts. With a few easy steps you enter your title, content, select the category of blogs you want your article to post to and you're done.

Sit back while Syndicate Kahuna does the posting for you. Unique to this system is a method where you can spin your titles and content so that each entry into the system is unique, making duplicate content a thing of the past.

Web 2.0 Co-op:
One of the best ways to exploit the Web 2 Mayhem is to utilize the Web 2.0 COOP. This service lets you do tasks on Web 2 properties for others which allows you to earn points so others can do tasks for you. Rate and Favorite a Squidoo lens, Digg a story, vote and comment on a YouTube video - there are over 50 other tasks in the system as well.

I have intensively used Web 2 COOP to promote some of my Squidoo lenses and the results have been astonishing. Within 2 weeks 4 out of my 6 Squidoo lenses that I have promoted with Web2 COOP have ended up in the Top 100 in the shopping category.

3-Way Link Echange:
The Link Exchange is an n-way linking system, so that there is no reciprocol linking between your site and others in the system. Working on the same principle as the Article Feeder, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C then links back to site A.

Of course, there may be many more levels of indirection than just three in the system. Also unique to this linking system is the concept of the "drip", so you may start with 5 links today, and grow to 100 links over the course of a month or two. Natural backlink growth, just like the search engines expect!

Pad Software Submitter:
Get your software, e-books etc into the hands of thousands of users at the push of a button. Not only do you get an instant stream of traffic with this tool, you are also getting great backlinks.

Keyword Research Tool:
Quickly generate targeted keywords lists and get a heads up on what keywords your competition is using.

My Experiences With Web2Mayhem during the BETA Test

Overall, I can confirm that Web2Mayhem is indeed very powerful. The time it takes to accomplish the goal of dominiating the first 30+ Google results depends on how competitive the market is. With one website that I'm exclusively promoting with Web2Mayhem I haven't reached the goal yet but, after just completing the first Phase (in week 1!) I have already generate 4 sales. With another site I was already on the first page of Google after only completing a few steps of Phase 1.

Furthermore, I have also tested the system in an non-english market (Germany) and to my surprise I got a really high ranking within days. Parts of the system does not work in other languages, but the ones that do work have been sufficient to rule Google in Germany.

Is it really that easy? Yes it is. BUT, if you are looking for the big magic red button Web2Mayhem is not for you. It is a bulletproof system that requires some effort and work from your end. You need to be committed and willing to achieve your goals. If you have the right mind set, I can guarantee you that you will be successful with Web2Mayhem.

"Some Things Are Missing in Web2Mayhem"

Web2Mayhem does what it promises. And it does it better than any other SEO system I have ever seen. BUT, it doesn't offer anything about PPC marketing such as Google Adwords. To fill the gap, I have thrown in the following killer Web2Mayhem bonus: Ads Spy Pro

 Web2Mayhem Bonus #1:

 AdSpyPro  - $997 Value
(with Resale Rights!!)

Easy Track, Monitor And Profit From All Your Competitor's PPC Campaigns.
Here's how it works in a nutshell...
 Ads Spy Pro with Resale Rights
Track and spy on all keywords your competition is using.
AdSpyPro proceeds to scour the Internet and collects PPC ads, identifying the affiliate ads vs.. the non-affiliate ads.
AdSpyPro then tracks those ads for the length of time that you've told it to, and gathers up all kinds of juicy competitive information for you.
Reports are generated and provide you with the "profit signals". Yep, those are your go-ahead campaigns, the one's that will stuff your pockets with cash.

Resale Rights Included:
You can seel this powerful software over and over again and keep 100% of the profit.

Your Copy of AdSpyPro comes with Reseller License, Sales Page, Graphics and Videos, Thank You Page, Help Section, and much more!

The Suggested Retail Price for AdSpyPro with RESALE RIGHTS is $997. But if you join Web2Mayhem here today you'll get it for free.

With AdSpyPro  you have an effective tool on hand to discover the profitable keywords to use with Google Adwords.

 Web2Mayhem BONUS #2 

Testimonial Generator  - $197 Value
(with Master Resale Rights)

testimonial generator web2mayhem bonus


The Only Software of its Kind that Automatically Writes Proven "Attention Getting" Reviews and Recommendations with Ease!
Comes with all graphics, sales video, sales page, thank you page, software, and much more.
Use Web2Mayhem to promote this product and rake in 100% of the profits


 Web2Mayhem BONUS #3:

(with Master Resale Rights)

 Google Trends Detector
Discover the Top 100 online trends from Google searches in split seconds!
Reveals to you the top trends within niches which you can use to your marketing benefits
Easily generate long tail keywords that you can use for your search engine optimization efforts from just a single keyword phrase
Effortlessly compiles and save all your results into a simple, easy to read file which can be archived for future references


Instructions: How to Claim Your Web2Mayhem Bonus 

Sign up for Web2Mayhem with this link. There is a 30 day refund-period so you won't risk anything. Even if you cancel your Web2Mayhem membership you still get to keep your bonuses (value of $1,323).

Just follow the three easy steps below and you will get instant access to your free bonuses.

  1. Make sure to clear your cookies and click on the link below to purchase the Web2Mayhem system => CLICK HERE TO GET Web2Mayhem
  2. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. Forward this email to   
  3. After verification, you will receive an email with your Bonuses. Make sure to whitelist my email address so it won't get trapped in your spam filter.

Now it's up to you! Take action now and get your free bonuses.

To your online success!

seo system

P.S. This is your one chance to get a spot at Web2Mayhem. Don't miss out. Here is the link to the official Web2Mayhem Homepage. You never know how fast it sells out. Just look at PPC Kahuna, Traffic Kahuna, or Syndicate Kahuna - all the spots are already filled up. Don't let that happen to you with Web2Mayhem!